EREMOPHILA MACULATA - Racemosa Fairy Floss

Compact medium shrub, 4’x 4’. Profuse winter/ spring flowers Flower buds start yellow, deepen to orange, and eventually mature to producing masses of cotton candy pink tubular flowers. 

  • Hummingbird attractive. 
  • Dark green foliage.
  • Hardy desert bush.
  • Neat plant by pools.
  • Frost tolerant.
  • Prunes well after Flowering.


Eremphila alternifolia - Wildberry

Eremphila alternifolia - Wildberry

A new offering from Australian Outback Plants!

  • Quick growing evergreen hardy emu shrub.
  • Open unique foliage with magenta to purple flowers.
  • Best grown as a background flowering shrub in your garden.
  • Grows 6' tall and wide. 
  • Can be clipped to shape with flowers appearing on new growth.
  • Hummingbird attractive
  • Heat and drought tolerant/frost resistant
  • Grows in any soil condition

EREMOPHILA maculata x brevifolia - Outback Cupid

EREMOPHILA maculata x brevifolia - Outback Cupid

The "new and improved" hybrid of Outback Valentine!  Hardier...dense dark green foliage...longer flowering season.  A one of a kind from Australian Outback Plants this intense maroon/purple flowering emu bush grows 3' to 6' tall and wide when mature in a couple of years. Clip to desired shape following flowering.  Accent landscape specimen...clipped hedge...patio plantar...hummingbird attractive...low maintenance...heat resistant/cold tolerant...adapts to any soil condition.

Eucalyptus kruseana - Kruses's Bookleaf Mallee

Small to medium spreading mallee; smooth bark; rounded, silver/blue leaves crowded along branches used by florist. Showy yellow flowers autumn-winter. Very attractive, unique specimen plant. Full sun and frost tolerant. Very low maintenance

Eremophila aurea Yellow Blaze

A compact rounded shrub 4'x4'. Narrow shiny green leaves and spotted long yellow tubular flowers  winter and spring. Following by glossy oval fruits. Grows well in light to medium soil in full sun or partial shade, an attractive rockery and tub plant. Well established in Phoenix gardens. Plant in clusters for best effect.

Eremophila hygrophana - Aussie Blue Bells Bush™

Small evergreen plant that combines bright purple flowers and silvery foliage. Native to deserts of Western Australian.

Showy tubular flowers attract hummingbirds all year long.

Provide lots of sunshine and good drainage. Recovers rapidly in spring if cold damage occurs

Eremophila glabra - Kalgoorlie Gold™

  • A compact low growing shrub.
  • Narrow Shiny Gray-green leaves and tubular yellow flowers during spring summer and fall.
  • Grows well in light to medium soil in full sun.
  • An attractive rockery and tub plant.
  • Plant in clusters for best effect.

Eucalyptus neglecta - Snowy Mountain Omeo Gum VIC

Eucalyptus neglecta Snowy Mountain Omeo Gum VIC
Bushy growth. Small tree 15-20'. Full sun. Hardy in Arizona landscapes. Useful patio planter, small clipped hedge, Bonsai
feature. Grows quick for a hedge effect. Winter hardy to -20F, will remain an evergreen in snow regions (Zones 5-6).
Cold/snow tolerant

Anigozanthos rufus - Backdraft™

 This evergreen perennial forms clumps to 1 to 2 feet wide with blue-green strap-shaped leaves to 2 feet tall. For a long period from spring through early summer emerge the dark red tubular flower buds that flare open at tips like a paw on branching 3 foot tall stems that are covered with downy red hairs.

This plant will generally have flowers continuously for 3 to 4 months during this period and often will produce a few flowers at other times as well. Plant in a sunny and open position in the garden in well-drained soils. Irrigate regularly and fertilize in spring (not heavily and keep (P) phosphorus on the low side). Hardy to about 25 degrees F. Fans only flower once and need to be cleaned out after the flowering period so remove the old leaves down to as low as possible at the end of a season. Care should be exercised that the new emerging fans are not damaged.

Anigozanthos rufus is known to tolerate moderate frosts and a wider range of soils than other Kangaroo Paws but does require good drainage and is susceptible to Ink Disease. A great small to midsize kangaroo paw that has attractive flowers and attracts hummingbirds. It is the only Kangaroo Paw that is found in the Esperance region in the southeastern corner of Western Australia where it grows in depressions in seasonally winter rainfall wet sandy soils.

Dianella revoluta ‘DR5000’ Little Rev™ PP20,794

This flax lily has an upright, architectural habit with blue-green foliage that reaches about 18 inches high in full sun and approximately 2 feet in partial shade.  Like Little Becca, this plant also has a spreading nature that lends itself to mass plantings.  However, with some maintenance, Little Rev can be pruned to create very nice specimen or group plantings.   Flowers sparsely in spring with clusters of small violet flowers borne on tall stems that reach upwards of 24 to 30 inches.  Best suited to Western gardens.  Perennial USDA Zone 8-11(evergreen 9a and warmer in normal winters). Specimen Planting, Group & Mass Planting, EROSION CONTROL, Home Gardens


Mundi™ Westringia is a beautiful ground cover that can be left unpruned whilst still maintaining a tidy form, or can be pruned into any low growing architectural shape. Ideal for tough roadsides or where you need a low growing plant that requires minimal care. 


Blue Gem is an improved seedling selection of the Australian-native “coastal rosemary” that was selected for one simple reason: it’s flowers. In late winter/ early spring, Blue Gem will be completely covered with vivid…almost fluorescent flowers. Coastal rosemary, so named for its rosemary-like leaves, is drought tolerant, salt tolerant, has some frost tolerance and some varieties, including Blue Gem, are proving to be adapt to humid, subtropical climates of the southeastern US. Good for home gardens and commercial landscapes alike. Westringia are best suited to Mediterranean climates but, as mentioned, Blue Gem is showing promise for the South! 

Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ Breeze™ PP15,420

A fine blade and compact habit have made this the most widely used Lomandra selection in the world. This plant has the look and feel of an ornamental grass, with bright, pine-green foliage, but is far more drought tolerant and evergreen even in areas where temperatures occasionally reach the teens. Breeze will ultimately reach a height and spread of about 30 to 36 inches with an arched to weeping habit

(NOTE:In the other parts of the world, Breeze is sold under the trade name, “Tanika”)

Acacia cultriformis - Knife Leaf Wattle

Attractive bush grows 6'-8' tall x 6' wide. Hardy xeriscape specimen, bluish green phyllodes are almost triangular, featuring red tips.

Bright yellow globular flower heads produced in racemes during spring.

Open branched habit.

Feature plant useful backgrounds screen.

Eremophila serpiens - Outback Snake Emu

  • Prostrate creeping Mar-Dec.
  • Found in seasonally wet areas near salt lakes, stems rooting,corolla green with dark red dorsal stripe, stamens bright pink.

Erempohila Calorhabdos X splendens - Red Splendour Emu Bush™

Small to medium upright shrub.

Grows well in hot, dry sites, making it highly drought tolerant as well as relatively frost tolerant. It also has an unusual growth form for an eremophila, making it an ideal, stunning feature plant.

Flowers are tubular and range in color from red to pink and occasionally purple. It can be trimmed into hedges if pruned from an early stage and will grow in confined areas or against walls.

Nectar feeders are attracted to it and it is also an excellent cut flower plant.

Eremophila decipiens - Slender Fushia Emu

  • The slender fuchsia is a showy desert plant.
  • This short evergreen shrub has upright branches and vibrant scarlet tubular flowers in winter.
  • It tolerates intense heat, drought, wind and light freezes.
  • Hummingbirds will frequent the blossoms.
  • Slender fuchsia can be grown in hot, dry soils in full sun and requires no irrigation once it’s established.

Eremophila glabra - Fire and Ice™

  • Produces bright red/orange flowers winter to summer.
  • Striking silver-grey foliage all year. Great for hummingbird landscape design areas.
  • Plant as a color accent specimen in and around trees and shrubs, also in patio garden planters.
  • Prefers full sun. 


Casuarina ‘Cousin It'™

Cousin It™ is a great choice to plant on embankments, rocky slopes and retaining walls. It not only beautifies a setting and complements many garden styles, it’s an excellent weed suppressing plant and a natural mulch that minimizes soil erosion too. If something unsightly gets in its way, ‘It‘ will spread over it.

Eremophila prostrata Outback Sunrise™

Eremophila prostrata Outback Sunrise™
Evergreen creeper, covers 1’-15’ of area. Deep green foliage contrasts beautifully with bright yellow trumpet like flowers
throughout spring and summer. Hummingbird attractive. Full sun; salt, drought and cold tolerant.

Melaleuca alternifolia Medicinal Tea Tree Oil

Quick growing shrub, with lush, scented foliage. White, butterfly attracting flowers in spring.
Leaves are crushed to separate medicinal oils. Pinch out tips for lush, bush growth. Plant in full sun or partial shade.Keep moist in well-drained soil. Ancient aboriginal remedy for many skin irritations and insect repellant. Perfect tub patio

Eremophila racemosa Easter Egg™

  • Compact medium shrub, 4’x 4’.
  • Profuse winter/ spring flowers Flower buds start yellow, deepen to orange, and eventually mature to pink and purple. 
  • Hummingbird attractive. 
  • Dark green foliage.
  • Hardy desert bush.
  • Neat plant by pools.
  • Frost tolerant.
  • Prunes well after Flowering.
  • Hummingbird attractive.


Eremophila maculata Outback Bush fire™ Spotted Emu Bush

A compact rounded shrub 6‘x 6‘. Narrow shiny green leaves and spotted long red tubular flowers winter and spring.Followed by glossy oval fruits. Grows well in light to medium soil in full sun or partial shade, an attractive rockery andtub plant. Plant In clusters for best effect.

Eremophila - maculata var Pink Lady

Eremophila maculata var Pink Lady Outback Orchid
Medium upright shrub, 6’x6‘, with abundant pink flowers. Stems are more angular rather than weeping effect.
Very drought tolerant, rugged plant.

Callistemon viminalis - CV01 Slim™

A unique Callistemon with a narrow slimline growth habit
• Great as a screen or hedge
• Takes up less space

Slim will provide landscape gardeners with a beautiful
flowering bottlebrush that can be used in tight planting
areas such as thin garden beds, along a fence line or a
wall. Slim will grow to approx 8' tall x 3-4' Ft wide but
with pruning can be kept shorter between 4'- 8' ft high
and as thin as 2ft in width. If left to grow naturally,
Slim requires very minimal pruning to stay narrow.

In early spring, Slim will start to develop a large number
of flowering buds covering the whole plant. These
flower buds will open to a classic red bottle brush flower
throughout spring and later again in autumn.
Slim can be pruned to shape and pruned after flowering
to encourage beautiful new growth.

A slow release fertiliser in late winter early spring will help with
flowering. It will tolerate extended dry periods and
moderate to heavy frosts

Callistemon viminalis spp. Nana; Captain Cook™ Bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis spp. Nana; Captain Cook™ Bottlebrush NSW
Medium bushy shrub 6'x6'. Spectacular, abundant red bottlebrush flowers. Blooms spring-summer. Pendulous soft foliage.
Hardy in full sun producing shade for ground covers.

Callistemon - Little John

Compact, dwarf, low round form to 3' tall 3' wide. Tight deep grayish green foliage. Abundant deep red bottlebrush spring
to fall. Excellent tub specimen. Border and rockery feature. Full sun adapts to clay/sandy soils. Attractive around
waterfalls and ponds.

Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ1’- Better John TM

Better John is a seedling selection of the dwarf bottlebrush C. ‘Little John’ and was selected for improved plant vigor, its “blue” foliage color, and because it exhibited a more dense foliage canopy. Easy to grow, quick to establish and long lived in the landscape. Simply put: Better John is very similar to ‘Little John’… only better!  Better John™ flowers from mid to late spring. Its mature foliage is blue-grey, but its new growth will have a silver tone due to the soft hairy texture.

Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ - Green John

A seedling selection of C. ‘Little John’, this dwarf bottlebrush shrub has roughly the same size and habit of ‘Little John’ yet is proving to be more vigorous (i.e. easier to produce and more resillient in the landscape) and has emerald green foliage as opposed to gray-green or blue-green foliage like its parent or our ‘Better John’. Simply put: it’s like a tougher and easier to grow ‘Little John’ with green leaves. Protected by a US Plant Patents. Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited.

Themeda australis Blue Roo PPAP

Themeda australis ‘THEM01’ PPAF - Introducing a prostrate
form of kangaroo grass, selected for its dense growth habit, great grey-blue to maroon foliage and low-growing habit. A seedling selection from another weeping form called Mingo, Blu Roo was selected because it has the same great foliage and form, but with a more “full” look. Bloom: Red-brown spikelets with prominent awns and spathes borne on branched stems, so heavy they often lay over and sit directly on the sprays of foliage. Blooms in summer.

Zones 8-11; plant in a protected area in colder climates Full sun, low-moderate water
requirements. Best for informal gardens; use in mass, borders or as a specimen. Protected by a US Plant Patents. Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited.

Eucalyptus rudis - Flooded Gum

Evergreen tree 30'-40' tall. Round young leaves become narrow on mature tree. Droughtresistant
once established. Sun. Popular Australian shade tree. Koala browse.

Eucalyptus gilli - Curly Mallee

Small evergreen tree 15’x15’. Heat/freeze tolerant. Quick growing specimen producing yellow flowers thru winter
attracting hummingbirds. Useful in small gardens. Grey foliage used by florist.

Eucalyptus gilli - Green Curly Mallee


Rare Small evergreen tree 15’x15’. Heat/freeze tolerant. Quick growing specimen producing yellow flowers thru winter
attracting hummingbirds. Useful in small gardens. green foliage used by florist.

Eucalyptus sargentii - Salt River Gum

Small tree 25' upright trunk covered in dark gray or black bark; slender green leaves. Drought and salt tolerant. Excellent
parking lot or residential tree. Koala Browse.

Eucalyptus sideroxylon rosea - Red Flowered Mallee

Thirty to sixty-five feet tall depending on soil conditions. Black bark, deeply furrowed --never
sheds. Showy pale pink to near crimson flowers. Long flowering period form spring to autumn.
Proven cold hardy up to 4000'. Cold tolerant. Koala browse.

Eucalyptus torquata - Coral Gum

Abundant, long flowering small to medium tree, 15-30'. Spectacular clusters of pink flowers are long flowering through
spring and summer. The bushy crown makes it a popular residential and freeway tree. Quick to establish. Tight growth,
olive green colored foliage with attractive reddish stems and grows close to the ground. No leaf or bark litter.

Eucalytpus victrix Coolibah

Small to medium tree, 25’-35’. Attractive white trunk; weeping foliage. Small clusters of white flowers summer-fall.
Quick growing, tough desert plant. Withstands high winds, low water use, salt tolerant. Similar to Eucalyptus microtheca except for the trunk color.

Eucalyptus woodwardii - Lemon Flowered Gum

Attractive drought tolerant tree. 30' excellent residential flowering specimen producing frosted white flower buds and
large clusters of cascading brilliant yellow flowers. Desert Botanical Garden has been developing this hardy specimen tree
since early 1980's. Weeping gray foliage.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys - Red Cap Gum

Quick growing with compact habit, growing to 25' high and 12' wide lush shiny, long green
leaves, full, dense foliage. Attractive bright red caps pop open to bright yellow flower clusters in mid-summer. Use as
small specimen residential shade tree. Excellent parking lot feature.

Eucalyptus brockwayi - Dundas Mahogany

Quick-growing medium tree 30' tall and 15' wide. Shiny, green leaves, attractive trunk; scented, shade producing foliage.
Proven drought and cold hardy residential tree. Smooth skin like trunk.

Eucalyptus calycogona - Gooseberry Mallee

Beautiful, small tree of 10-20 feet. Graceful pale green foliage. Silvery-brown bark; small, dainty white flowers in the fall.
Rounded habit. Drought resistant.

Dodonea viscosa spp. purpurea - Purple Hopseed

Fast growing evergreen shrub, 4'-8'. Purple leaf form. Full sun to partial shade. Attractive screen, clipped hedge. Good block wall camouflage, around pools, and under eucalyptus canopy. 

Acacia stenophylla - Shoestring Acacia

Attractive, hardy, weeping tree 30' tall and 15' wide. Lemon blossoms in spring. Excellent median specimen. Ornamental
foliage makes this specimen worthwhile for use in large gardens and parks
as shade and shelter trees. Drought and cold resistant. Hardiness 16-122F degrees.

Eucalyptus moon lagoon - Moon Lagoon

Very attractive small to medium shrub 4-12  feet tall. Dainty gray-blue leaves circle the stems. Reddish-orange seed caps burst into masses of snow white flowers in late spring. Adult leaves are bright green. This unique plant tolerates temperature extremes from frosts to 120 degrees.  Good bonsai plant. distinctive addition to floral arrangements

Callistemon phoenicius - Fiery Lesser Bottlebrush

Hardy xeriscape tall shrub or small tree 8'x12'. Forms a tight screen clipped hedge. Research proven. Drought and salt
resistant, proven hardiness 16-122F. Masses of deep red flowers in summer.

Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scent Gum

Attractively slender, evergreen tree to 30'+ in sun belt zones. High open branching habit, skin-like white trunk, appearing ghost-like at night. Single landscape specimen. Withstands high heat and cold conditions. A popular perennial; lemon scented summer foliage shrub 4'-6' high, in containers. Koala browse

Eucalyptus silverton - Silverton Province

Hardy, fast-growing evergreen tree, growing  35'-100' tall with pendulous branches. Attractive white trunk. Good windbreak or screen on property lines. Tolerates desert heat. Establishes quickly. Koala browse. Arizona parks feature tree. Cold tolerant.


Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - White Iron Bark

Medium sized woodland tree from Northern Victoria. Long, gray-green pendulous branches. Spear shaped leaves. Quick to establish producing abundant pink flower clusters. Rough bark, peeling to leave a smooth, white, yellow or blush surface. Hardy.

Eucalyptus papuana - Ghost Gum

Stately tall shade tree 40'-60', stark white smooth trunk with a ghostlike appearance at night. Extremely drought hardy. Used in freeway planting, feature driveway entrances, roadside medians, parks and residential shade. Doesn't drop flowers and leaf litter. Limbs and branches do not break in high winds, Hardiness 16F. Excellent single specimen. Cold tolerant.  Tree Popular AZ freeway Verrado Way feature