Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ1’- Better John TM

Better John is a seedling selection of the dwarf bottlebrush C. ‘Little John’ and was selected for improved plant vigor, its “blue” foliage color, and because it exhibited a more dense foliage canopy. Easy to grow, quick to establish and long lived in the landscape. Simply put: Better John is very similar to ‘Little John’… only better!  Better John™ flowers from mid to late spring. Its mature foliage is blue-grey, but its new growth will have a silver tone due to the soft hairy texture.


Plant type
Features , , , , , , , ,
Average size 2-4'H X 2-3'W
Bloom time Spring
Spacing 2-3
Water Semi-Moist
Growth rate Fast
Pruning Pruning to shape
Common uses



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