About Us

Australian Outback Plants stocks over 100,000 Australian native plants and trees and is the only 100% Australian nursery in the US

Established in 1981 by dedicated horticulturalist and owner Paul Chambers with over 40 years experience in growing Australian native plants. Paul is an Australian expat, who started the business from a suitcase of Australian seed, and has spent most of his life dedicated to improving the landscape of American gardens, cities, race tracks, stadiums and other various locations across the USA.

The business stocks plants in over 50 Lowes stores across Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. The business now manages over 80 greenhouses and 50 acres of land covered in various Australian trees and eucalyptus plantation. 

Not only that, the business is the largest supplier of eucalyptus leaves and feed for Koala's all across zoos in America.  Feeding Koalas is no no easy task and takes an intimate knowledge of how eucalyptus grows and what Koalas like to eat, at what times. Not only does the business feed Koala, but other exotic animal also, such as, Giraffes, Rhinos, Pandas and Gorilla. 

Landscapers have been using Australian native plants in arid desert areas, such as Arizona, where water is low for many years. Paul has been there supplying plants and fighting the good fight for better water use and water conservation.  All Australian native plants on Paul's ranch are water wise plants and add color and an exotic flavor to gardens and landscapes. 


Paul's Vision

 To provide zoo animals with the most nutritious foliage from Australia, utilizing Oz zoo research and to beautify US landscapes producing shade ,shelter and spectacular flowers year round

About Paul


  • Sanctuary Cove Resort-Gold Coast, Australia
  • Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Hotel-French Polynesia
  • Department of Capitol Territory A.C.T - designed and planted a rose garden for the Queen of England Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne City Council


  • Ameriflora 92-Columbus, Ohio
  • Cinncinati Flower Show, 1993
  • New York Flower Show, 1995
  • Artstralia Festival- John F. Kennedy Center,

Landscaping Projects-during the past 10-12 years

Indianapolis Motor Speedway-corporate suites, indoor and outdoor Indy car drivers' personal homes:

  • Scott Pruett
  • Chip and Floyd Ganassi
  • Jim McGee
  • Tom Sneva
  • Gordon Johncock
  • Al Unser
  • Morris Nunn
  • Antonio Ferrari
  • Columbus Zoo-Columbus, OH
  • Smithsonian National Zoo-Washington,
  • DC Plaza Hotel-New York City Opryland
  • Hotel-Nashville, TN Phipps Conservatory-Pittsburgh,
  • PA Brooklyn Botanical Garden - New York International



Radio & Television

  • Victory Garden-PBS
  • WNBCL/Veaf5
  • KTVK Wave Length
  • Paul Harvey News
  • Good Morning America
  • ASU
  • U of A
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Smithsonian Institute AZ
  • Nurserymen's Assoc.


  • American Zoological Horticulturist Assoc.
  • Arizona Nurserymen's Assoc.
  • Arizona Landscape Contractor's Assoc.
  • Guaranteed food source Eucalyptus browse for koalas inmany major US zoos. 


  • Certified Horticulturist (CH) 5-year study
  • Oakleigh Technical Horticultural College-2 year apprenticeship
  • Canberra Technical College-3 years