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Introducing a prostrate form of kangaroo grass, selected for its dense growth habit, great grey-blue to maroon foliage and low-growing habit.

A seedling selection from another weeping form called Mingo, Blu Roo was selected because it has the same great foliage and form, but with a more “full” look.

Bloom: Red-brown spike-lets with prominent awns and spathes borne on branched stems, so heavy they often lay over and sit directly on the sprays of foliage. Blooms in summer.

Plant in a protected area in colder climates Full sun, low-moderate water requirements.

Best for informal gardens; use in mass, borders or as a specimen. 


Plant Species & Type
Plant Features , , , , , ,
Average size 12-18'' H 18" W
Bloom time Summer
Spacing 18"
Water Low, once established
Growth rate Fast
Pruning Annually for best growth
Common uses Informal gardens; use in mass, borders or as a specimen.



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