Callistemon viminalis ‘CV01’ Slim™ Plant Patent No. 24,444

A unique Callistemon with a
narrow slimline growth habit
• Great as a screen or hedge
• Takes up less space
Slim will provide landscape gardeners with a beautiful
flowering bottlebrush that can be used in tight planting
areas such as thin garden beds, along a fence line or a
wall. Slim will grow to approx 8' tall x 3-4' Ft wide but
with pruning can be kept shorter between 4'- 8' ft high
and as thin as 2ft in width. If left to grow naturally,
Slim requires very minimal pruning to stay narrow.
In early spring, Slim will start to develop a large number
of flowering buds covering the whole plant. These
flower buds will open to a classic red bottle brush flower
throughout spring and later again in autumn.
Slim can be pruned to shape and pruned after flowering
to encourage beautiful new growth. A slow release
fertiliser in late winter early spring will help with
flowering. It will tolerate extended dry periods and
moderate to heavy frosts


Plant type
Features , , , , , , , , ,
Average size 6-8'H X 3-4W
Bloom time Spring Fall
Spacing 3-4'
Water Semi-Moist
Growth rate Vigorous but responds well to pruning
Pruning Pruning to shape
Common uses Zone 8b -11; condently evergreen in Zones 9-11.



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