Eucalyptus kruseana - Kruses's Bookleaf Mallee

Small to medium spreading mallee; smooth bark; rounded, silver/blue leaves crowded along branches used by florist. Showy yellow flowers autumn-winter. Very attractive, unique specimen plant. Full sun and frost tolerant. Very low maintenance

Eremophila hygrophana - Aussie Blue Bells Bush™

Small evergreen plant that combines bright purple flowers and silvery foliage. Native to deserts of Western Australian.

Showy tubular flowers attract hummingbirds all year long.

Provide lots of sunshine and good drainage. Recovers rapidly in spring if cold damage occurs

Eremophila maculata Outback Bush fire™ Spotted Emu Bush

A compact rounded shrub 6‘x 6‘. Narrow shiny green leaves and spotted long red tubular flowers winter and spring.Followed by glossy oval fruits. Grows well in light to medium soil in full sun or partial shade, an attractive rockery andtub plant. Plant In clusters for best effect.

Callistemon viminalis spp. Nana; Captain Cook™ Bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis spp. Nana; Captain Cook™ Bottlebrush NSW
Medium bushy shrub 6'x6'. Spectacular, abundant red bottlebrush flowers. Blooms spring-summer. Pendulous soft foliage.
Hardy in full sun producing shade for ground covers.

Callistemon - Little John

Compact, dwarf, low round form to 3' tall 3' wide. Tight deep grayish green foliage. Abundant deep red bottlebrush spring
to fall. Excellent tub specimen. Border and rockery feature. Full sun adapts to clay/sandy soils. Attractive around
waterfalls and ponds.

Eucalyptus rudis - Flooded Gum

Evergreen tree 30'-40' tall. Round young leaves become narrow on mature tree. Droughtresistant
once established. Sun. Popular Australian shade tree. Koala browse.

Eucalyptus calycogona - Gooseberry Mallee

Beautiful, small tree of 10-20 feet. Graceful pale green foliage. Silvery-brown bark; small, dainty white flowers in the fall.
Rounded habit. Drought resistant.

Eucalyptus moon lagoon - Moon Lagoon

Very attractive small to medium shrub 4-12  feet tall. Dainty gray-blue leaves circle the stems. Reddish-orange seed caps burst into masses of snow white flowers in late spring. Adult leaves are bright green. This unique plant tolerates temperature extremes from frosts to 120 degrees.  Good bonsai plant. distinctive addition to floral arrangements

Eucalyptus silverton - Silverton Province

Hardy, fast-growing evergreen tree, growing  35'-100' tall with pendulous branches. Attractive white trunk. Good windbreak or screen on property lines. Tolerates desert heat. Establishes quickly. Koala browse. Arizona parks feature tree. Cold tolerant.


Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - White Iron Bark

Medium sized woodland tree from Northern Victoria. Long, gray-green pendulous branches. Spear shaped leaves. Quick to establish producing abundant pink flower clusters. Rough bark, peeling to leave a smooth, white, yellow or blush surface. Hardy.