Eucalyptus kruseana - Kruses's Bookleaf Mallee

Small to medium spreading mallee; smooth bark; rounded, silver/blue leaves crowded along branches used by florist. Showy yellow flowers autumn-winter. Very attractive, unique specimen plant. Full sun and frost tolerant. Very low maintenance

Eucalyptus rudis - Flooded Gum

Evergreen tree 30'-40' tall. Round young leaves become narrow on mature tree. Droughtresistant
once established. Sun. Popular Australian shade tree. Koala browse.

Eucalyptus gilli - Curly Mallee

Small evergreen tree 15’x15’. Heat/freeze tolerant. Quick growing specimen producing yellow flowers thru winter
attracting hummingbirds. Useful in small gardens. Grey foliage used by florist.

Eucalyptus gilli - Green Curly Mallee


Rare Small evergreen tree 15’x15’. Heat/freeze tolerant. Quick growing specimen producing yellow flowers thru winter
attracting hummingbirds. Useful in small gardens. green foliage used by florist.

Eucalyptus sargentii - Salt River Gum

Small tree 25' upright trunk covered in dark gray or black bark; slender green leaves. Drought and salt tolerant. Excellent
parking lot or residential tree. Koala Browse.

Eucalyptus sideroxylon rosea - Red Flowered Mallee

Thirty to sixty-five feet tall depending on soil conditions. Black bark, deeply furrowed --never
sheds. Showy pale pink to near crimson flowers. Long flowering period form spring to autumn.
Proven cold hardy up to 4000'. Cold tolerant. Koala browse.

Eucalyptus torquata - Coral Gum

Abundant, long flowering small to medium tree, 15-30'. Spectacular clusters of pink flowers are long flowering through
spring and summer. The bushy crown makes it a popular residential and freeway tree. Quick to establish. Tight growth,
olive green colored foliage with attractive reddish stems and grows close to the ground. No leaf or bark litter.

Eucalytpus victrix Coolibah

Small to medium tree, 25’-35’. Attractive white trunk; weeping foliage. Small clusters of white flowers summer-fall.
Quick growing, tough desert plant. Withstands high winds, low water use, salt tolerant. Similar to Eucalyptus microtheca except for the trunk color.

Eucalyptus woodwardii - Lemon Flowered Gum

Attractive drought tolerant tree. 30' excellent residential flowering specimen producing frosted white flower buds and
large clusters of cascading brilliant yellow flowers. Desert Botanical Garden has been developing this hardy specimen tree
since early 1980's. Weeping gray foliage.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys - Red Cap Gum

Quick growing with compact habit, growing to 25' high and 12' wide lush shiny, long green
leaves, full, dense foliage. Attractive bright red caps pop open to bright yellow flower clusters in mid-summer. Use as
small specimen residential shade tree. Excellent parking lot feature.

Eucalyptus brockwayi - Dundas Mahogany

Quick-growing medium tree 30' tall and 15' wide. Shiny, green leaves, attractive trunk; scented, shade producing foliage.
Proven drought and cold hardy residential tree. Smooth skin like trunk.

Eucalyptus calycogona - Gooseberry Mallee

Beautiful, small tree of 10-20 feet. Graceful pale green foliage. Silvery-brown bark; small, dainty white flowers in the fall.
Rounded habit. Drought resistant.

Eucalyptus moon lagoon - Moon Lagoon

Very attractive small to medium shrub 4-12  feet tall. Dainty gray-blue leaves circle the stems. Reddish-orange seed caps burst into masses of snow white flowers in late spring. Adult leaves are bright green. This unique plant tolerates temperature extremes from frosts to 120 degrees.  Good bonsai plant. distinctive addition to floral arrangements

Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scent Gum

Attractively slender, evergreen tree to 30'+ in sun belt zones. High open branching habit, skin-like white trunk, appearing ghost-like at night. Single landscape specimen. Withstands high heat and cold conditions. A popular perennial; lemon scented summer foliage shrub 4'-6' high, in containers. Koala browse

Eucalyptus silverton - Silverton Province

Hardy, fast-growing evergreen tree, growing  35'-100' tall with pendulous branches. Attractive white trunk. Good windbreak or screen on property lines. Tolerates desert heat. Establishes quickly. Koala browse. Arizona parks feature tree. Cold tolerant.


Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - White Iron Bark

Medium sized woodland tree from Northern Victoria. Long, gray-green pendulous branches. Spear shaped leaves. Quick to establish producing abundant pink flower clusters. Rough bark, peeling to leave a smooth, white, yellow or blush surface. Hardy.

Eucalyptus papuana - Ghost Gum

Stately tall shade tree 40'-60', stark white smooth trunk with a ghostlike appearance at night. Extremely drought hardy. Used in freeway planting, feature driveway entrances, roadside medians, parks and residential shade. Doesn't drop flowers and leaf litter. Limbs and branches do not break in high winds, Hardiness 16F. Excellent single specimen. Cold tolerant.  Tree Popular AZ freeway Verrado Way feature