We need a new well to be able to keep our trees alive so we can continue to feed zoo animals!

HELP!! We need a new well to be able to keep our trees alive so we can continue to feed zoo animals!

Australian Outback Plantation company has an extremely urgent situation on our 240 acre plantation in the Harquahala Valley in Arizona. We need to drill a new well as soon as possible as three wells are over 60 years old and our main well has collapsed.

We are themajor supplier of Australian native plants nutritional browse, such Eucalyptus and Acacia, for koalas in zoo exhibits across the United States.  Kangaroos, rhinoceros, elephants, gorillas, hoofed animals, birds and insects are also fed weekly with these species…. Mulberry, Pear, Olive, Chinese Elm, Arizona Ash and Bamboo.

Twice each week we harvest, process and airship overnight to ensure fresh browse bouquets for the many animals. We currently ship 3000 lbs of browse per month. We have been an established provider of nutritional browse for over 20 years. The many zoos we provide…San Diego, Denver, Columbus, ABQ Biopark, Dallas, Colombia SC, Palm Beach, Long Island Aquarium, Out of Africa, Wildlife World, San Francisco, Cleveland Metroparks.

40 acres of the plantationare planted with a wide range of Eucalyptus and Acacia trees that provide nutritional browse and have not been watered for 9 weeks!  Temperatures are now reaching 100*F on a daily basis. We have been trucking water from the local CAP canal and this takes time away from everyone's work schedules.  

You can easily see the importance of having a new well installed and our original wells upgraded and repaired! 

Please visit our amazing website at: www.AustralianOutbackPlants.com to learn more about who we are, what we offer and the many zoos we are supplying. To become a benefactor with a substantial donation or if you would like to visit the plantation please contact us through our website. 

How can you help?

You can make a personal or anonymous donation in any amount at our Go Fund Me Page. 

For every $1000+ donation, a tree will be planted and designated in your name.