Broad leaf

Dianella revoluta ‘DR5000’ Little Rev™ PP20,794

This flax lily has an upright, architectural habit with blue-green foliage that reaches about 18 inches high in full sun and approximately 2 feet in partial shade.  Like Little Becca, this plant also has a spreading nature that lends itself to mass plantings.  However, with some maintenance, Little Rev can be pruned to create very nice specimen or group plantings.   Flowers sparsely in spring with clusters of small violet flowers borne on tall stems that reach upwards of 24 to 30 inches.  Best suited to Western gardens.  Perennial USDA Zone 8-11(evergreen 9a and warmer in normal winters). Specimen Planting, Group & Mass Planting, EROSION CONTROL, Home Gardens

Eucalyptus gilli - Green Curly Mallee


Rare Small evergreen tree 15’x15’. Heat/freeze tolerant. Quick growing specimen producing yellow flowers thru winter
attracting hummingbirds. Useful in small gardens. green foliage used by florist.