News from Australian Outback Plantation!


Good news!  Our new well has been up and running for over a month now. Production and product areback in swing and we are reaching capacity in our greenhouses. We want to thank everyone for their support, donations, and good wishes during the trying time of 3 months that we were without a well. The support of the local community, all of our workers, and local news station Channel 3 KTVK in Phoenix, who ran a story on our situation, is all so appreciated.   Trucking water daily from a neighbor’s well was a production itself…. we hauled 25000 gallons of water per day The current plant availability  .

Also good news, which you will enjoy watching…. Channel 9 news from Australia visited and filmed at the plantation, when Paul spoke at the beautiful Huntington Gardens in Pasadena California and at the San Diego World Zoo. There are views of the plantation, so if you haven’t been out to visit us, it will give you an idea of our Outback Plantation. Paul is currently in Australia researching new species and collecting seed and let us know that the news piece has gone live in Australia.  Learn more about how we are the largest provider of nutritional browse for koalas and other animals at zoos in the United States at this link: