In Stock NOW - Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ - Green John


Plant type

EvergreenSmall ShrubShrub

Features Water wiseResidentialFreeze tolerantCold hardyHeat resistant,Heat tolerantPatio plantDrought tolerant

Average size 2-4'H X 2-3' W

Bloom time Spring Fall

Spacing 2-3'

Water Semi-Moist

Growth rate Fast

Pruning Pruning to shape

Cold Hardiness 20 to 30 F  

Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ - Green John

A seedling selection of C. ‘Little John’, this dwarf bottlebrush shrub has roughly the same size and habit of ‘Little John’ yet is proving to be more vigorous (i.e. easier to produce and more resillient in the landscape) and has emerald green foliage as opposed to gray-green or blue-green foliage like its parent or our ‘Better John’. Simply put: it’s like a tougher and easier to grow ‘Little John’ with green leaves. Protected by a US Plant Patents. Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited.