Aim of these questions

The aim of these questions is to help me create a website strategy and provide me with an overarching idea of why your website exists, and what you want it to do do for you.

It is intended to be simple and plain language.

It is the first and most important step in the process to creating the website. It will give you a foundation and clear objective for us to come back to should you lose focus throughout the process.

This strategy is not concerned with such things like technical solutions you are thinking of, technical elements to the site, software you might want to use or how your content should be written.


About you
Name *
Your name
If you have one
If you have one
Objective & Goals
We will start by finding out what the objective is for your website.
It is important to have a written objective. You will refer back through-out the website creation phase and make sure you stay on track to meet that objective and create the site that you need.
What do you hope to achieve with this website?
For example: To make people aware of the great dog accessories exist in the market, help people to buy quality products and generate sales and extra income for the shopfront business.
For example: An e-commerce shopping website that sells dog accessories to consumers with a streamlined E-commerce solution.
Audience & User
Define the audiences for the website?
Who is your website targeted at?
Who do you think will be your most common user?
When the user lands on your home-page, what do you want them to do next?
What do you want the user to see as your main call to action on the home page?
What content is most important to you and your business?
Some kind of emotion.
Communications & Design
This is where we will ask some questions about look and feel.
This could be something like; Our business provides exciting new cutting edge technology products for the best prices on the market, and we are dedicated to customer service...
This is some keywords that might sum-up your website.
For example;
Exciting, fast, modern, etc etc
This is some words around what value(s) is/are important that should be considered when designing.
Professional & Important, Customer focused
Three or four examples is enough
Be specific about why you like them
Be specific about why don't like them