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State of Origin Key:

A.C.T. = Australian Capital Territory
VIC. = Victoria
N.S.W. = New South Wales
QLD. = Queensland
WA. = Western
TAS. = Tasmania
NT. = Northern Territory

Australian States & Territories map

Acacia acuminata "Jam Wattle" WA

Small tree 12'-15'.
Fragrant yellow flowers attractive driveway entrance specimen.
Hardy xeriscape.

Acacia aneura "Mulga" QLD & NSW.

Small tree 9'-15' tall x 8' wide. Attractive thin dark, flaky bark and narrow weeping grayish foliage. Flower heads rod-like on stalks at ends of branches, turning golden yellow in profusion during summer, Drought-resistant, xeriscape specimen. Frost tolerant, ornamental, providing light shade.

Scottsdale, (AZ). Xeriscape Arboretum features this tree. (Mulga; a long, narrow aboriginal shield made form the wood of this plant.) Cold tolerant.

Acacia aphylla "Twisted Desert Wattle" Arid Outback WA

Unusual desert specimen; 4'-8' open shrub, attractive grayish red stiff phyllodes. Spring flower blossoms at each axil. Feature in rockeries. Rare variety researched at Canberra botanical gardens. Very low water consumption. Many branches, which are terete, spiny, smooth and glaucous.

Phyllodes reduced to deciduous scales. Flower heads are globular, 0.7 cm diameter. They occur singly in axils. This plant has a very limited natural distribution, occuring just East of Perth W.A., where it is found on granite outcrops with very well drained soil. Will tolerate partial to full sun.

Flowers August through October in Australia.

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Acacia baileyana "Cootamundra Wattle" NSW.

Fast growing evergreen tree, growing 15 - 25' tall, 15' wide canopy dense, blue-gray foliage is finely divided.

Profuse yellow flowers. Full sun, withstands frost and cold winds. A northern Arizona specimen. Well established in San Francisco Landscapes. Cold tolerant..

Acacia coriacea "Wirewood" QLD,NSW

Tall shrub to small tree, leathery, pendulous gray-green foliage. Abundant bright yellow globular flowers in the spring, Very hardy, xeriscape specimen, fire resistant. Light, quick growing shade producer. Screen background fence-line matches well with mesquite. Established Arizona specimen. Cold to freeze tolerant.

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Acacia covenyi "Blue Bush" ACT, NSW

Medium shrub (6'-30' x 6-12') to small tree. Branchlets brown or black. Straight to slightly falcate, glabrous. Light blue to green leaves, very crowded on branches.

Flower heads globular to 1cm diameter, bright yellow, borne in racmes as long or longer than phyllodes. Establishes quickly on limestone slopes and ridges. Also on quartzite. Adaptable in cultivation to a wide range of soils and harsh climactic conditions. Flowers August-September in Australia. Frost and snow tolerant.

Acacia cultriformis "Knife Leaf Wattle" QLD

Attractive bush grows 6'-8' tall x 6' wide. Hardy xeriscape specimen, bluish green phyllodes are almost triangular, featuring red tips.

Bright yellow globular flower heads produced in racemes during spring. Open branched habit. Feature plant useful backgrounds screen. Established in Phoenix.

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Acacia kybeanensis "Braidwood Wattle" NSW & VIC

Evergreen bush will grow from 4'-6' wide, into a small tree, gray leaves, with spines on branches. Brilliant yellow flower ball in spring. Use as backdrop specimen.

Proven in Scottsdale AZ. Arboretum feature. Canberra Botanic Gardens. Established in Northern Arizona.

Will tolerate cold and some snow.

Acacia lasiocarpa "Wattle" WA

Dense dwarf to small shrub.Branchlets feature spines. Yellow flower heads produce on the ends of branchlets. Likes fair to well drained, light to heavy soils with partial or full sun.

Ornamental garden species. Featured at McCormick Railroad Xeriscape Arboretum, Scottsdale.

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Acacia glaucoptera "Clay Wattle" WA

A well branched, rounded, spreading small shrub, medium sized hedge, 4'-8'. Unusual flat blue-green leaves with attractive purple-red new growth. Deep yellow, globular flowers in spring. Very ornamental foliage.

Tolerates alkaline soils. Hedge pruning promotes brightly colored new growth.

Proven in Phoenix AZ. Median/Residential feature.

Acacia longifolia "Sydney Golden Wattle" NSW, VIC & TAS

Fast growing, broad spreading shrub (small tree) to 20' tall (short trunk). Narrow yellow-green foliage with yellow flowers. Great screen. Sun.

Used on California freeways.

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Acacia murrayana "Murray's Wattle" WA

Medium to tall shrub 3-18' x6-21'. Slender trunk with pinkish to white bark. Flower heads globular about 0.6cm diameter. Bright yellow, borne in racemes, shorter than phyllodes.

A very ornamental species from semi-arid to arid regions. Suited to well drained soils in sunny, hot locations. Tolerant of alkaline soils and frosts. Responds well to pruning after flowering.

Flowers August-October in Australia; sporadic flowers at other times. Spreading tall shrub, hardy foliage xeriscape.
Useful shade screen.

Dry arid conditions and sand.

Acacia pendula "Weeping Myall" QLD, NSW & VIC

Small bushy tree, 15' X l2'. Ash colored lanceolate foliage. Pale yellow globular racemes in spring. Very ornamental xeriscape species, suitable for shade and shelter on farms, residential feature. Foliage eagerly eaten by stock. Fragrant timber used for fence posts in the outback.

Phoenix freeways feature this quick growing weeping shade tree along the 1-10 & residential street medians.

Cold tolerant.

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Acacia podalyraeifolia "QLD Silver Wattle" QLD & NSW

Also called the Mt. Morgan Wattle. Attractive, medium, 4' tall shrub (small tree). Quick growing. Bears masses of fluffy, fragrant yellow flower balls in spring. Decorative silver-gray phyllodes. Hardy, drought and cold resistant.

San Diego Zoo features this attractive accent. Excellent specimen. Responds to heavy pruning after flowering. Popular tree in Tucson.

Acacia ramulosa "Narrow Leaved Mulga" QLD, NSW & WA

Small shrub to small tree (3-21' x13-18'). Flower heads are rod like 1-2cm long. Deep yellow, occuring in pairs or solitary. Requires well drained soils in a sunny aspect.

Suitable for calceolarius soils.

Drought and frost tolerant.

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Acacia redolens "Ground Cover Wattle, Ongerup" QLD & WA

Quick to establish, low growing shrub; will reach 9' wide. Dark green, flat leaves. Brilliant golden-yellow flower balls in spring; distinctive vanilla like scent. Useful in rockeries or embankments. Hardy in sun or cold weather. Established on Arizona freeway plantings, commercial and residential landscapes. Full sun, drought resistant. Attractive accent.

Will grow in light to heavy soils, good and poor drainage. Tolerant of saline soils.

Soapy lather forms when foliage and water are rubbed together.

Acacia salicina "Coobah, Native Willow" All Mainland States

Hardy, small pendulous tree, bushy to ground level quick growing. Pale green, slender leaves. Globular pale yellow flower racemes in summer. Attractive windbreak; frost tolerant, xeriscape shade tree.

Well established in Arizona. Street tree and residential specimen. Popular shade producing wattle tree.

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Acacia saligna "Golden Wreath Wattle" WA

Fast growing, small, weeping foliage tree, 15 x 15' .Dark green strap-shaped, thin leaves. Full canopy producing quick shade. Spectacular golden flower display early in spring, Extremely salt, drought and cold resistant. Well established on Arizona highways. Commercial and residential development. Excellent soil erosion control. Use as feature specimen. Striking green/gold contrast.

Acacia stenophyla "Shoestring Acacia, River Cooba" QLD, NSW & VIC

Attractive, hardy, weeping tree 20' tall and 15' wide. Lemon blossoms in spring. Excellent median specimen. Established throughout Phoenix, Arizona. Ornamental foliage makes this specimen worthwhile for use in large gardens and parks as shade and shelter trees.

Drought and cold resistant.
Hardiness 16-122F degrees.

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Acacia victoriae "Elegant Wattle, Bramble Wattle" All Mainland States

Dense, spreading medium shrub to small tree; weeping full foliage . Glaucous phyllodes. Globular flower heads, cream to pale yellow in color. Ornamental xeriscape species. Useful for low windbreaks and informal hedge.

Phoenix 1-10 freeway specimen.

Agonis flexuosa "Willow Leaf Myrtle" WA

Evergreen tree in warm climates, growing to 25' tall. Weeping, branching habit. Profuse small white flowers. Somewhat drought resistant. Attractive foliage scent. Red tips on young.

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Alyogyne huegllii "Australian Blue Hibiscus" SA & WA

Popular, bushy, shrub, grows 3'-5'. Abundant, spectacular, long lasting purple/mauve hibiscus like flowers, spring thru summer . Prune tips during summer to produce more flowers. Attractive garden specimen or patio tub plants.

Winter hardy to 28F. Evergreen in zone 6 and 7.
Low consumption of water.

Anigozanthus flavidus "Kangaroo Paw" WA

Hardy, vigorous, clumping perennial, this unique specimen has dark green iris-like leaves. Prolific flowering during early spring through summer, year round flowers indoors. Quick growing in sandy soil, requires full sun. Many prolific flower spikes in striking colors, including bright red (Bush Ranger) golden yellow (Bush Gold) a combination of red and green (Bush Emerald) and orange (Bush Nugget).

Indoor decoration, patio tub planter, outdoor rockery, specimen landscape feature.
The San Diego Zoo, The Columbus Zoo and the Washington National Zoo all feature these unique clones.

Winter hardy to 28F; in zone7, an evergreen.

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Anigozanthus manglesii "Red and Green Kangaroo Paw" WA

Western Australia's Floral Emblem. Brilliant red and green upright spikes of paw like flowers, gray iris-like leaves grow 18" tall. Unique rare indoor feature, outdoor summer blooms.

Anigozanthus viridis "Green Kangaroo Paw" WA

Small, round leaves in clumps with brilliant green summer blooms borne on spikes, paw like. Use indoors or porch specimen - Animals enjoy eating the leaves of Kangaroo Paws; xeriscape.

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Araucaria bidwilli "Bunya Bunya" QLD

Slow growing, large tree; to 120'. Mature trees bear huge, edible pineapple like cones which weigh up to 18 pounds. It can adapt to cooler, drier conditions.

Araucaria heterophylla "Norfork Island Pine" NSW

Appears on the state flag. Attractive, hardy indoor specimen. Lush, fern-like foliage 18"-4' tall bonsai plant. Grows into a tree in subtropical areas. Fertilize with Osmocote slow release. Indoor cultivation: sunny room, or a kitchen window.

Quick growing, an excellent re-usable Christmas tree.
Water regularly in well-drained soil mix.

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Bossiaea walkeri "Egg and Bacon" WA, NSW, VIC, SA

Rounded bush to 6' high. Leafless gray stems are held erect. Bears large, brilliant red pea flowers in spring.

Thrives in arid areas in full sun. Use as a specimen feature. Rockeries.

Banksia ericifolia "Heath Leafed Banksia" NSW

Tall shapely shrub 6'x4' exotic foliage. Bird attractive orange spikes of flower spring. Most sought after ornamental flower. Xeriscape.

Full sun. First Australian plant specimen collected by Capt. James Cook 1770.

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Brachycome iberidifolia "Swan River Daisy" SA, WA,NT

Annual/perennial ground cover, 4" x 12" abundant, long lasting mauve/purple, daisy-like flowers with soft flowing foliage. Quick growing border accent specimen, full sun or partial shade.

Established in California, Arizona, Florida landscapes and featured at The National Zoo and The Columbus Zoo. Excellent hanging basket specimen. Attractive in annual border plantings.

Continuous reseeding during summer. Pick daisy-like flowers in fall and re-seed in spring.

Annual in zones 5-6.

Brachychiton acerifolius "Illawarra Flame Tree" NSW,QLD

A tall deciduous tree (30'- 20') with large lobed pale green foliage, masses of small scarlet bell shaped flowers in summer when the tree is mostly bare of foliage. Brilliant red.

Hardy in most soils and positions provided ample water is supplied during hot months.

Phoenix gardens would be an exotic picture featuring the Illawarra flame tree.

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Brachychiton populneum "Bottle Tree-Kurrajong" QLD, NT

An evergreen tree 25'x 5' with a densely rounded crown and large oval leaves. Shade producer; flowers are bell-shaped, cream with red and brown inside in late spring to summer.

Frost hardy in open dry positions. Widely planted shade producer for residential garden, parking lots, and medians.

The seed containers are familiar boat shaped pods sometimes messy around pools.

Callistemon citrinus "Lemon Scented Bottle-Brush" NSW & VIC

Bushy shrub form 4-6' tall. Light pink blossoms, followed by metallic purple berries. Sun to partial shade hedges.

Lemon scented green foliage - crush for lemon smell.

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Callistemon paludosus "River Bottle-Brush" TAS, SA

Hardy medium shrub to small tree 8'-12x6' with pendulous branches.

Thick slender gray leaves with red tips. Soft pink flower brushes in summer and fall. Ideal garden and roadside median specimen. Full sun xeriscape.

Callistemon phoenicius "Fiery Lesser Bottle-Brush" WA

Hardy xeriscape shrub, small tree 8'x12'. Forms a tight screen clipped hedge. Research proven. Scottsdale road median, residential landscape, Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Long drought and salt resistant, proven hardiness 16-122F.

Plant it and forget it. Masses of deep red flowers in summer. Screen-background hedge.

Plant under eucalyptus canopy.

Cold tolerant

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Callistemon viminalis spp. "Mortdale" Weeping Bottle-Brush" NSW

Quick growing, medium bush to small specimen tree, 8-20'x 6-15'. Long, glossy green leaves. Spectacular red flower spikes in the spring. Bird attractive.

Single trunk or hand crafted topiary, useful sidewalk clipped hedge or screen.

Full sun and sandy soil xeriscape. Drought resistant.

Callistemon viminalis spp. "Little John" VIC

Compact, dwarf, low round form to 3' tall 3' wide. Tight deep grayish green foliage. Abundant deep red bottlebrush spring to fall. Excellent tub specimen. Border and rockery feature.

Full sun adapts to clay/sandy soils. Attractive around waterfalls and ponds.

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Callistemon viminalis spp. "Nana; Captain Cook" NSW

Small bushy shrub 4'x6'. Spectacular, abundant red bottlebrush flowers. Blooms spring-summer. Popular whiskey barrel-patio plants feature. Sidewalk plants. Pendulous soft foliage.

Attractive in all situations.

Hardy in full sun producing shade for ground covers.

Calothamnus rupestris "Cliff Net Bush" WA

Handsome, medium sized shrub up to 10' tall and nearly as wide. Reddish-pink flowers occur in the spring.

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Calothamnus villosus "Silky Net Bush" WA

Hardy, medium bush. Pine-like, thin needle shaped foliage. Attractive different appearance. Drought, salt and cold resistant. Large, red feathery bottlebrush like flowers borne on year old stems. San Diego Zoo Koala enclosure features this useful accent. Established in Phoenix residential gardens. First introduced by Paul in 1981. Proven drought and frost hardy, 16-122F. Used as pine-like hedge.

Cassia artemisoides "Feathery Cassia" NSW, WA, NT

Evergreen shrub with an open habit growing from 4-8' tall. Gray, needle-like foliage with fragrant yellow flowers. Sun. Hardy, desert looking screen, clip to shape. Well-established Arizona freeway residential and commercial specimen. Popular retail seller.

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Cassia nemophila "Silky Cassia" WA

Quick-growing, small shrub to 3' tall. Silvery thin phyllodes, yellow flower balls in spring. Desert appearance, exhibit backdrop and fence separation. Full sun, drought-resistant, cold hardy. Well-established in Arizona on highways and residential landscapes.

Cassia phylodinea "Silky Cassia" WA

Quick-growing, small shrub 3'-4' tall. Silvery, thin phyllodes, evergreen with abundant yellow flower balls in spring. Desert appearance, exhibit backdrop and fence separation. Full sun, drought resistant. Well established in Arizona on freeways and residential landscapes.Plant in clusters among other natives for best effect. Cold tolerant.

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Cassia sturtii "Sturts Cassia" WA

Evergreen shrub to 5' tall. Gray-green foliage; yellow flowers, Tolerates drought and full sun. Rounded, bushy shape. Well-established Arizona residential and roadside median xeriscape species.

Clianthus formosus syn. Swainsonia spp. "Sturt Desert Pea; Glory Flower" SA

State's Floral Emblem. Annual creeper, fast-growing, gray-green stem sprawling out to 12' long. Spectacular bright red desert pea flower cluster with black center, 6" tall, spring through winter. Excellent full sun feature, ground cover. Well drained, sandy soil preferred. Planter boxes, sidewalk gardens, excellent hanging basket feature. Plant in sandy open soils on mounds. Fertilize and fungicide regularly for best results.

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Cycas revoluta "Sago Palm" South Pacific

Cycads are attractive primitive palm-like indoor, outdoor feature plants, producing graceful arching fronds and unusual growth habit. Easy to grow in well drained soil.Indoor cultivation in warm sunny room with filtered sunlight. Bonsai specimen. Outside patio tub specimen. Hardy, withstanding frosts on established plants.

Cytisus racemosus syn. Genista racemosus "Sweet-Broom" VIC

Fast-growing evergreen shrub to 6' tall, masses of bright yellow flowers in spring. Heat and drought tolerant. Sun. Fine, spike shaped, soft leaves, upright desert appearance.

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Cystisus scoparius "Moonlight" VIC

Evergreen shrub, growing in warm climates, 6'-8' tall. Pale yellow flowers. Withstands drought once established.

Cytisus x dallimorei "Burkwoodii" VIC

An evergreen shrub in warm climates, from 6'-8' tall. Upright habit with sprays of carmine flowers in spring and early summer. Plant in full sun. Exotic, broom-like foliage.

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Dicksonia antarctica "Australian Tree Fern" VIC,TAS

Many 3-5' fronds arch from trunks which can attain 15' height. Tropical, lush appearance when planted in clusters, Slow growing but hardy. Good in containers. Prefers medium to deep shade. Interiorscape, prehistoric feature. Fertilize with slow-release osmocote. Cold tolerant

Dodonea viscosa spp. purpurea "Hopseed" WA

Fast growing evergreen shrub, 4'-8'. Bronze-green foliage. Full sun to partial shade. Attractive screen, clipped hedge.

Good background and under eucalyptus canopy.

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